Contact Info

Andy Garcia (Worship Arts Director)

Email: andy@theascentchurch.com 

Andy Philips (Tech Director)

Email: aphilips@theascentchurch.com








The purpose of the Worship Arts ministry is to create an environment that facilitates creative expression of our love for God. Worship reminds us that there is more to life than what we see and more to God than what we know. When we become worshippers, we live with the deep understanding that our lives are all about God – knowing Him personally and showing Him to other people.

Our goal is to use the arts in a creative ways to connect people with God. Utilizing choruses, hymns, video, drama, and graphic arts, we want to help people see and experience God each Sunday morning and give vision for their worship throughout the week.

If you would like to get involved in any area of Worship Arts (Worship Band, Vocals, Technical Arts, Visual Arts, etc...), click here to submit an application!


The Technical Arts ministry works behind the scenes with audio, video and lighting equipment to support and enhance the intended message from the platform. The majority of this support is provided by volunteers who simply have a heart to serve. There is no experience necessary for many of the positions.

We would love to talk to you about using your gifts to help serve in Techinical Arts. No professional experience nessessary...we will help train you! 

Here are some of the opportunities available to serve.


Have a desire to help create the mood of the stage from one series to the next? Staging can involve artists, carpenters, decorators, etc. This could be you!


Light has the ability to create a mood for a given moment. Timing, sensitivity, understanding equipment can be learned by most people. It could be as simple as playing through a list of pre-recorded cues or as intricate as programming the actual looks for the stage. Sound interesting?


If you can frame a good still image, you’re going to probably do well here. The only difference is that these cameras will follow the action live. If you don’t get nervous easily and you don’t have any trouble staying awake for the whole service, sign up here.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to know much about computers. If you can concentrate for about an hour at a time and are just a bit musical, this is a huge part of the job. (No, you don’t have to read music.) Most people can learn this position in a very short amount of time and be very good at it.


Here is where you’re going to need some background. If you have had experience mixing music for bands or run the sound for another church, you might be a fit here. You must have a great attitude and be able to play nicely with others. Here is a position where I want you to have made a lot of mistakes somewhere else so you avoid making them here. But you don’t have to be perfect.


Operating a video switcher, changing from computers, videos, and cameras sounds like a lot, but it not as hard as it seems. Training provided.


If any of these interest you, click here to fill out an application!