In February 2010, our church entered into a partnership with
Compassion International and Mehale Ketama Kale Heywet Church in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia on a mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name and to help people connect intimately with God. Our journey in the partnership has impacted countless lives for God’s Kingdom both in Ethiopia and here in Colorado.

We have since regularly taken teams to visit and partner in
ministry with our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, doing a
variety of ministry from evangelism, children’s ministry,
leadership training, theology teaching, medical outreach and
several heart-felt hours visiting and ministering to the
hundreds of Compassion children our church community
sponsors. We believe that each sponsor child has a
God-given purpose in this world and God has equipped us to help these children by giving them an opportunity out of the grip of poverty.

Throughout the years we have seen and experienced
significant growth in the development of our partnership.

Starting this month, we will begin to form a team to prepare for this upcoming trip. Some activities may include leadership training, business training, women’s ministry, youth training, Sunday school teachers training, and Bible school teaching. If you sense a tug from our Father, we hope that you can join us.