Pastor Richard Makani and his wife Hellen are Kenyan nationals, supported since 2004 by The Ascent Church. While planting a church in Kitale, they came across the Kipsongo Slum (“The Place of Hopelessness”) and felt compelled to help. Out of their meager personal budget and in obedience to God’s leading, they sacrificed one meal a week to feed as many of the orphans from the slum that they could manage. From this simple step of faith in 2002, Seeds Ministry was born.

The Kipsongo Slum is a very impoverished, overcrowded and dangerous area with over 3,500 adults, children and widows scavenging for existence next to the town dump. Many homes are made of mud or simply branches with plastic bags, and no running water. This area truly seems to be a place of “No Hope.” With such a need, the Makani’s began to dream of a home for orphans, a school, and a feeding station to meet their daily needs. By God’s grace, those dreams are coming true.

Today, Seeds Academy and the Bread of Life Feeding Center are located a 1/4 mile from the slum, in walking distance for the kids. They provide an education for 385 kids, ages 3 years old through grade 7. The feeding station provides the students, plus an additional 36 kids, with 2 meals a day, 6 days a week. Nearby, God’s Widows Home offers 2 widows sanctuary from the slum.

Five miles outside of town, on fertile farmland is the Seeds Children’s Home Orphanage and Farm. The orphanage houses 212 children from babies to 18 years of age. An urgently needed dining hall-kitchen-laundry facility is under construction. The 15-acre farm provides food and funding for the orphanage with its various micro-industries such as cows, chickens, a fishery, various crops and a carpentry shop teaches vocational skills and sells furniture it manufactures. 

Evangelism and church planting are another key aspect of their ministry. Christ Life Church (a tent church), is located in the center of town, and holds noon services daily. Mt. Elgon Bible Training Center, located 1 ½ hours away, provides Bible training for Pastors who minister in rural areas. These Pastors will often walk 5-20 miles each way, for training.

They live out their faith daily and impact their community as they proclaim Christ, make disciples, and apply James 1:27. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and

faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.”


Contact Ken Sparks at 719-205-5804 or or Christy Vermeer at 719-684-4580 or for more information.



Capital Campaign Projects

Seeds Children’s Home Kitchen/Dining Hall/Laundry Facility:

Seeds Children’s Home has 212 children living on the orphanage campus, there is a pressing need to complete the construction of the planned Kitchen/Dining Hall/Laundry facility. The foundation for this facility (Phase I) has been completed. Funds are being raised for Phase II of this critical project. Feeding 212 children daily is a significant effort and the current kitchen and dining area is too small. THIS IS AN URGENT NEED WE ARE PRAYING GOD WILL MIRACULOUSLY FUND:


Phase II: Walls: KSH 2,500,000 or $29,000 US dollars

Phase III: Roof: KSH 3,000,000 or $34,750 US dollars

Phase IV: Interior Finishes (a): KSH 4,500,000 or $52,115 US dollars

Phase V: Finishes & Fixtures (b): KSH 1,500,000 or $17,400 US dollars

Donations for the construction of the Dining Hall-Kitchen facility can be made to The Ascent Church or through a trusted partnership with Chicks For Children Foundation


Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Chicks for Kenya:

Every seven dollars ($7.00) donated funds the purchase, vaccinations and feeding of an egg-laying chick. As one of the many micro-enterprises of Seeds Ministries, the chickens provide eggs and chicken meat for the orphanage and feeding station. Excess eggs and meat are sold at market to generate income for the orphanage helping to offset operating costs. Donate to The Ascent Church, noting it is for “Chicks for Kenya”.


Orphan Sponsorship:

Seeds Children’s Home rescues children out of the dangerous and impoverished Kipsongo Slum and provides safe & secure housing, healthy food, clothing, high quality education, healthcare and Christ centered spiritual development. Sponsorship is $125 per month and is administered through Mighty Acorn Foundation:


Sponsorship Programs in Development

Seeds Academy Classroom Sponsorship:

The academy provides excellent education but has limited resources to purchase simple classroom supplies such as pencils, paper, notebooks, crayons, and educational support materials. A classroom sponsorship program is being developed to allow sponsors to connect with a specific classroom and provide these much needed supplies.


Seeds Academy Teacher Sponsorship:

The teachers of Seeds Academy are dedicated, Christ-loving servants who work tirelessly to educate the children. The target salary is $180 per month and because of varying needs of the ministry, the average actual pay is about $80. A Teacher Sponsor program is in development to allow a group of sponsors to connect with a specific teacher and provide supplemental funding support for the teacher’s salary.


Both of these campaigns will be administered through a trusted partnership with Chicks For Children Foundation