We have been partnering with Jaime Lopez and Pastor Valerio through One Challenge’s ministry SEPAL in Guatemala since 2009.  We work directly with Pastor Valerio in a rural town called Paquip, just outside Lake Atitlan, to minister with the families and other local communities through VBS, a self-sustainable micro loan program, and building homes for widows alongside local
contractors.  Since our partnership began we established the
micro loan program through OC-SEPAL for 16 women in the
community to assist them in building their businesses.  We have also installed a water filtration system and have seen overall health improvements for those who use it.  Pastor Valerio not only has a heart for his community but also the surrounding
communities.  Because of his passion and connections we have also been able to connect in to other nearby towns, Palenstina and Panabar.  We look forward to continue to partner with Pastor Valerio and see God increase their influence!  

Prayer: For Pastor Valerio, Jaime Lopez, the micro loan program and with those whom we minister.