Deuteronomy 15:10
Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

Giving Is an Act of Worship

Financial support of the ministries and mission of The Ascent Church are a direct part of your worship and sacrifice for the Kingdom. Below are means of honoring God with your finances. 

Give now

Make a one-time or set up re-occuring giving to Ascent by following the entries below. For designated gifts, please scroll down to the next section of this webpage.

Designated Gifts

CLICK HERE to make a one-time designated gift toward the priority projects the church leadership has set.


These include:

  • Family Assistance/Benevolence ($5000 goal)
  • Ascent Kids Camp (scholarships, service project etc) - $3000
  • Bathroom remodel, downstairs ($18000 goal)
  • Bathroom remodel, upstairs ($18000 goal)
  • Furnishings ($2000 goal)
  • Promotional Mailing ($5000 goal)
  • Student Ministry Intern (goal 100% funded!)
  • Parking lot resurface ($130,000 goal)
  • Air conditioning for ASM/classrooms ($50,000 goal)
  • Woodmoor building roof replacement ($125,000 goal)
  • Ascent Kids rooms/hallway remodel ($3,000 goal)
  • Re-carpet hallways ($20,000 goal)
  • Re-carpet Woodmoor worship center ($50,000 goal)
  • Re-carpet student ministry room ($5,000 goal)
  • Worship Mininstry support ($20,000 goal)
  • Staff development ($8,000 goal)
  • Raise student ministry room ceiling ($10,000 goal)
  • Reserve fund ($200,000 goal)



Mobile App


The easiest way to regularly give is via The Ascent Church App. You can give during worship, set up advanced online
giving, even make contibutions to special funds. 


iPhone App: click here

Android App: click here

Offering (Sundays)

Each Sunday, in our Worship Service during the response time, you are able to make an offering through the offering boxes located around the room. This is a way we incorporate giving of ourselves into our worship, as well as reminding us of the fact that all of our possessions are God's anyway, and belong to Him and His mission. You can give via cash, check, or on the Ascent app during this time.